Wesley Saintilnord

My research projects include:

1) Nucleosomes, DNA wrapped around an octamer of four core histones, constitute the basic unit of chromatin. While these proteins can be modified, variants of these histone proteins can also be differentially incorporated into the nucleosome in response to environmental cues, modulating chromatin structure and dynamics with consequences in gene expression. I aim to investigate how incorporation of these histone variants affects the stability of the nucleosome, and contributes to carcinogenesis. 


2) Many studies in the field of epigenetics have primarily investigated how maternal health status during pregnancy affects the health of their children. In a shift away from previous studies, this project focuses on the potential paternal contribution to progeny health. Specifically, I investigate how paternal exposure to cadmium modulates sperm DNA methylation, leading to changes in gene expression that can be passed on to offspring.