Manana Melikishvili

My project is the part of one of the directions studying in our laboratory - Regulation of chromatin structure and dynamics to drive gene expression. Particularly, the protein of our interest is human Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP1), a multifunctional chromatin-associated nuclear protein. Our recent studies have shown that PARP1, a DNA binding protein, also binds RNA in vivo, suggesting that it is an RNA-binding protein (RBP). At present we perform in vitro  experiments using the diverse biophysical and biochemical methods (such as EMSA, analytical ultracentrifugation, the fluorescence experiments and SELEX) to understand whether these nucleic acids compete with each other for binding to PARP1, how does PARP1 make sequence specific contacts with DNA and RNA, which functional domains of this modular protein are involved in these distinctive bindings.